Virtual Reality Services

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VR Development

Embark on an immersive experience of the future with our advanced Virtual Reality services. At Yaksha, we’re pushing the boundaries of virtual reality by creating VR applications that are immersive and above and beyond the norm by utilizing the power of the Unity Engine. We are at the forefront of this technological revolution thanks to our expertise in creating VR apps with the Oculus SDK and XR Interaction Toolkit. Our team is composed of talented 3D Blender Artists, who bring their artistic expertise to create visually stunning and detailed virtual environments. Our expert team is ready to offer top-notch services in creating stunningly realistic environments, advanced physics simulations, and seamless geospatial 3D integrations.

Customized VR Solutions

Customized VR Solutions

At Yaksha Visual Technologies, we create experiences rather than merely providing services. We provide completely personalized virtual reality experiences that turn the commonplace into the extraordinary and the impossibly achievable into a reality. We are dedicated to using our in-depth knowledge of specialized virtual reality services to realize your ideas. Our services cover a wide range of fields, offering countless opportunities. Our virtual reality services can be customized for training, product visualization, marketing, healthcare, real estate, automotive, tourism, entertainment, and more. We also offer a dynamic range of applications across multiple industries. It provides interactive content, simulations, and immersive experiences. We build incredibly lifelike virtual reality environments that are precisely engineered and customized to produce life-changing experiences.

Softwares we Use

Benefits of VR Apps

  1. Provide innovative and interactive experiences for customers
  2. Streamline and optimize business processes
  3. Increase efficiency and productivity
  4. Showcase products in a three-dimensional virtual space.
  5. Increase experiential learning through virtual world
XR Development

Immersive 3D Design

Utilizing skilled 3D Blender Artists to create stunning, lifelike virtual environments and assets, enhancing the overall immersive experience

Interactive Experience Creation

Leveraging the XR Interaction Toolkit for developing engaging and interactive VR experiences that are intuitive and user-friendly.

Virtual Reality Headset

Quality Assurance

Conducting thorough testing with our dedicated Unity VR Developers & Testers, ensuring reliability, usability, and top-notch quality in every VR application.

Efficient Project Management

Utilizing Jira for precise project timeline tracking and Confluence for clear, structured documentation, guaranteeing smooth project execution and delivery.

VR Solutions We Create

Our virtual reality development company serves a wide range of industries.

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