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Game Development Services

We are dedicated to providing exceptional game development services tailored to your needs.



Game Creation

Yaksha is an immersive video game company that specializes in transforming concepts into engaging gaming experiences. We work together as a team of talented designers, developers, and visionaries to make games that are memorable as well as entertaining. Our strategy is to create games that offer not only entertainment but also a voyage into new worlds by fusing cutting-edge technology and creative design. Our goal is to surpass player expectations and establish new industry standards with every project.

Game Localization

Our experienced team of localization experts meticulously adapts your game’s content, including dialogue, menus, instructions, and visuals, to specific target markets. With our dedicated game development services, we go beyond translation, considering linguistic nuances, cultural sensitivities, and regional preferences to create a localized version that feels natural and authentic to your audience.



At Yaksha, we recognize how crucial it is to have game assets in a range of sizes and resolutions to support a variety of devices and platforms. Our skilled staff specializes in precisely resizing game assets while preserving their visual integrity as part of our immersive game development services. We make sure your game assets look great everywhere they are played, whether that's on mobile devices or on a variety of gaming platforms.

Game Promo Videos

Introducing our Game Promo Video Creation Service, where we bring your game to life through captivating promotional videos. We recognize the influence of visual storytelling in capturing players' attention and igniting excitement.  Our talented team of motion graphics artists and video editors works together to create excellent promo videos with the help of our fully dedicated Game Development Services. These videos not only highlight the unique features, gameplay, and immersive worlds of your game but also serve as a powerful tool to engage and enthrall your audience.


Game Assets

We transform your gaming vision into reality with our professional game development services. Our talented team of artists and designers specializes in creating custom-designed assets that are of the highest quality, ensuring your game world is brought to life vividly. We work closely with you to understand your creative vision, guaranteeing that the assets we develop are perfectly tailored to match your game's requirements.

Game UI Design

Introducing our unique service for game UI design, where functionality and creativity collide. We create outstanding UI experiences specifically for your game. Our talented design team is skilled at creating visually stunning and intuitive user interfaces that not only improve gameplay but also dramatically increase player engagement. Our designs fit your technical specifications, whether you're launching a new game or improving an old one, guaranteeing a seamless and effective implementation process.


Interactive Stories

Immerse players in captivating narratives with Yaksha's Interactive Stories expertise, a standout offering in our game development services portfolio. We specialize in crafting rich and engaging storytelling experiences that place players at the heart of the adventure. Our talented team of writers, designers, and developers work in unison to bring your vision to life, creating interactive stories where the narrative unfolds based on player choices and actions.

Our Game Development Specialty

Game Prototyping

Our extensive understanding of different frameworks combined with over ten years of experience in developing complex games allows us to quickly develop MVPs.

Game Leveling

Our expertise extends across various platforms and genres, allowing us to tailor game development services to your unique vision.

Game Art Design

Our team covers a diverse range of genres and platforms and ensures game visuals are tailored to the target audience.

Game Marketing

We are dedicated to making your games stand out in the competitive gaming market and promoting their longevity and success.