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Yaksha being on of the top AR VR companies in India, our commitment is to empower your business by integrating immersive technologies into your learning and development strategies, meticulously designed for the Industry 4.0 era


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How we Work with You

1.Identify your Problem Statement

Our XR Tech Sales team will Collect all your Team’s Collaborative inputs For Feasibility Report.

2.Crafting an Immersive Blueprint

XR Creative & Engineering Team together will Present an Immersive draft plan.

3.Proposal & Closing

Submission of Cost estimate along with project timeline.

4.Starting your Immersive Development

Starting Storyboard Design, UI UX Design, 3D Modelling & App Development.

5. A/B Testing to User Acceptance Testing

we meticulously build, test, and iterate through the design cycle to ensure optimal results.

6.Deploy & Manage Assessment Cycle

Deploy VR App / AR Apps to respective Platforms.

Production Workflow

Production Workflow

All Your 3D Data

Mesh Optimization



Use Cases

How we approach



We collaborate closely with you to create a comprehensive storyboard, outlining the immersive experience and key interactions for your Idea.



Our skilled XR Technical Artist team brings your vision to life, designing and developing captivating visuals, audio, and interactive elements for an engaging AR/VR experience.

Develop &


We utilize the Unity RT3D Engine to create AR and VR applications that bring experiences to life and seamlessly deploy them across various platforms, guaranteeing an immersive and smooth user experience

Unity Development Services

Top ar vr companies in india

Contact us to discuss & identify your use case in your Business

AR VR Company in India


Being One of the top ar vr companies in india, Team Yaksha possesses a wealth of collective experience in delivering diverse XR solutions to a range of industries, including Automotive, Education, AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction), Manufacturing & Oil & Gas sector.


Digital transformation in the automotive industry, reshaping how companies design, manufacture, market, and sell vehicles. Immersive technologies, such as Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Mixed Reality (MR), play a pivotal role in this transformation

Automotive AR Development


Using Virtual Reality (VR) and augmented Reality(AR) in the classroom provides immersive, interactive, and engaging learning experiences for school and College Students. 

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Smacar Solutions
"Yaksha is our XR Tech Partner"
Our association with them since 2016 we are associated with Team Yaksha in developing various VR Educational Modules .
Shankar koladi
Chief Executive Officer
IIT Madras University
"Wonderful Working Experience"
We associated with this Yaksha's Core team in designing Foundation Courses for NPTEL+ under ICSR Program.
Research Scholar
"On time Delivery of Game Art"
Team Yaksha's being our outsourcing Art Work Vendor,Artist are trained for Committed for Delivery on time.
Creative Producer