Augmented Reality Services

Creating the Power of Augmented Reality Services to Redefine Innovation and Engagement

AR Development Solutions

AR Development

Utilize Yaksha’s augmented reality services to create immersive experiences on a variety of hardware and platform combinations. Our professionals provide precise solutions for developing state-of-the-art augmented reality services for companies of all sizes and in all sectors. Our developers collaborate with businesses to strengthen teams, creating AR games, apps, and machine learning systems. Our experts create long-lasting AR apps that satisfy consumer demands by following a clear design roadmap that covers AR interfaces, 3D asset creation, and experience design. 

AR Technologies We are Familiar with:

  • ARCore
  • Vuforia
  • VisionLib
  • 8th Wall (WebAR)

AR Content Creation

At Yaksha Visual Technologies, we recognize the significance of using AR solutions to deliver 360-degree customer satisfaction. Because of this, our augmented reality services include storyboarding, photogrammetry, spatial audio, 3D modeling, technical art, 360-degree photography and video, and UI UX design as part of a comprehensive approach to creating AR content. This enables our specialists to produce an augmented reality application with laser-like precision that effortlessly integrates with your business strategies and continuously generates revenue and growth. Our augmented reality content creation solutions are made to enthrall viewers, improve user experiences, and produce noticeable business outcomes. We prioritize timely delivery and effective project management, meticulously tracking timelines through Jira Work Management. Experience efficiency and transparency in our creative process.

AR Content Creation

Softwares WE Use

Benefits of AR Apps

  1. Enhance user engagement and retention
  2. Increase brand awareness and loyalty
  3. Improve training and learning experiences for employees
XR Development

Personalized AR Development

Our AR developers create incredible AR applications that enhance real-world environments through 3D rendering, image recognition, and video transmission to give users an engaging interactive experience.

AR Experience Design

Our AR developers create interactive brand experiences that let users engage with goods, services, or areas using their own gadgets.

Augmented Reality Services

Unity Support

Unity is more than just a sophisticated game engine; it can also run augmented reality applications. For your applications, our Unity developers can create state-of-the-art graphics.

Android AR Creation

Our AR developers support location-based and marker-based apps via DroidAR, a freely available SDK supported on GitHub, with a specific focus on creating augmented reality applications for Android.


Our augmented reality development company serves a wide range of industries.

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