Harvesting Innovative Journey into the Future of Agriculture with AR app development services

Technological innovation is being sown in today’s dynamic agricultural landscape. With the introduction of Augmented Reality (AR), farming practices are about to enter a new era. Through real-time insights, improved education, and effective crop management, augmented reality (AR) becomes a transformative tool for farmers navigating the complexity of modern agriculture. In the vast landscapes of agriculture, where the growth of crops determines livelihoods, SeedWorks International Private Limited stands as a pioneering force. This plant science company, engaged in the research, production, and marketing of hybrid seeds for a variety of crops, faced complex challenges. From introducing new hybrid products to educating farmers about effective cultivation practices and managing the complete growth cycle of specific seeds, SeedWorks needed a transformative solution. SeedWorks is a client of Yaksha. We provide AR app development services for building agriculture oriented AR app.

Challenges Faced by SeedWorks:

The challenges were multifaceted, ranging from selling innovative hybrid products to imparting knowledge about crop management techniques. Navigating through these challenges required a solution that could bridge the gap between the company and its farmers.

Instruct AR App

Innovation Unleashed: Instruct AR App

Enter Instruct AR, an Augmented Reality (AR) app designed to revolutionize the way SeedWorks interacts with its farmers. This groundbreaking solution addresses the challenges faced by the company by providing a comprehensive set of features.

Product Education:

Instruct serves as an educational tool, enlightening farmers about the benefits of SeedWorks products. The interactive nature of AR technology brings the information to life, making it engaging and accessible.

Agronomy Training:

The app goes beyond product education, offering training modules on agronomy practices and crop management techniques. Empowering farmers with knowledge is at the core of enhancing agricultural practices.

Product Showcase:

Farmers gain access to a curated list of SeedWorks’ offerings. This not only helps in informed decision-making but also creates a seamless experience for exploring and choosing products.

AR Content Delivery:

Augmented Reality is harnessed to deliver relevant and contextual information through videos and animations. This dynamic method ensures that the information is not only informative but also visually engaging.

Smart Integration: HaloXR Studio

To manage and create AR campaigns seamlessly, SeedWorks integrated Instruct app with HaloXR Studio. This collaboration allows the company to efficiently handle their AR campaigns, providing a user-friendly experience for both the team and the end-users. The Software as a Service (SAAS) model adopted by the client ensures optimal utilization of the studio.

Experience Instruct: SeedWorks AR Project

SeedWorks commitment to innovation culminated in the creation of Instruct AR app. Now available on the Google Play Store under the name SeedWorks AR Project, the app promises to redefine the way farmers engage with agricultural information.

Transformative Outcomes:

Since the launch of this AR-based manual and the adoption of Instruct app and HaloXR Studio, the outcomes have been nothing short of remarkable.

Drastic Reduction in Support Time:

The support time from SeedWorks’ marketing and technical teams has seen a significant decrease. This indicates that the AR-based solution has efficiently addressed challenges, leading to increased efficiency in supporting farmers.

SeedWorks AR Video Campaign emerges as a beacon of innovation in the agricultural landscape. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, SeedWorks empowers farmers with knowledge, ultimately contributing to the growth and sustainability of agriculture. As the digital frontier expands, the synergy of agriculture and technology exemplified by SeedWorks serves as a testament to the transformative power of innovation. Yaksha Visual Technologies is at the forefront of this revolution, and our AR app development services are not just transforming training but shaping the future of work. Join us in this journey toward a more skilled, confident, and efficient workforce.


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